Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Very easily, go to our get started section and follow the video’s

Yes, the app is completley free

Shipping & Production Questions

We have a complete section of questions and answers relating to shipping located here 

Payment Questions

When setting up the app you can put a credit card on file with us. Cards are charged twice per day as and when orders are outstanding on the system.

We take all major credit cards  and PayPal (sorry no Charge Cards).

Taxes & Customs Duty Questions

Here’s how it works, if you order a product to be delivered in the UK by law we have to charge you a sales tax of 20% (VAT) on your order. If your order is to be delivered into Europe/USA or anywhere else then there is no sales tax to be paid.

We ship to many, many different countries and all of them have different import laws relating to customs duties, we are the same as all other print on-demand companies and sadly we have no control over government policy and any duties to pay are your responsibility. There are no duties (pre Brexit)  payable on orders into Europe.

Artwork & Design Questions

We have a complete section on creating artwork and designs located here.

Legal Questions

When you upload designs with us you have to acknowledge you have the legal right to use the artwork and certify you protect us for reproducing it from any wrongdoing. If someone contacts us and advises us they own the rights to the artwork we will follow our DCMA procedure located here.  

All our customers acknowledge that they are either the owners of or have the legal right to use the images and designs they submit to us when creating their orders. If you feel that your IP is being infringed in anyway please complete our DMCA procedure located here.

We comply with all European data protection laws our policy is located here.

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