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Artwork Overview

Once you have installed our awesome SuperFast POD App into your store you are definitely going to want to start creating designs for your products and upload them for sale.

To take you simply through design and product creation process we have created many self-help videos and documents. Firstly,  please take a moment to read through the below list of FAQ’s carefully and then watch the Create Your First Design video which will take you nicely through the process step by step. For  your convenience we have created individual videos for each product we offer.

All our videos are based around using Photoshop, this being the most popular design software package, however, the same principles can be used when creating designs using other image creation and design software. 

General Design Questions

You should create your designs in RGB (preferably in the ‘Adobe RGB 1998’ workspace) and save them as JPEGs.

All Dye Sublimation imaging uses composite printers that convert RGB value data into the relevant ink channels. For example, a true black is only translated by the printer from RGB 0,0,0 and not 100% K (black), this is because it uses all the colours available to create a composite black.

For phone cases, create them at 300 dpi. For all other products, create them at 200 dpi. Each template we offer shows you the exact size and resolution

It is difficult to Pantone match colours with Sublimation printing. We deal with many thousands of customers who all use different monitors, settings and software. Like all POD suppliers we have to strike a balance. We are one of the only POD companies that use our own print ICC profiles for each individual product giving us impressive colour reproduction across the range. We pride ourselves on the quality of our prints and colour matching, we are confident you will be happy with our colours.

There are certain colours that cannot be reproduced using sublimation printing, such as gold, silver and fluorescent etc. However, if you are looking for a specific colour we can supply you with a colour swatch book for £9.95. Any swatch book we create is only relevant to the substrate it is printed on. For example, a swatch book created on fabric will deliver different colours to those produced on PU. This is a printed book of colours from which you can select the RGB value you require to be reproduced, for more details please email
Yes, there are links on each product in the app itself and also in the Product Templates section under resources.

You can upload your designs to us in JPEG format, there are lots of options using less expensive or free software, here is a list of alternatives to look over:

There are many, many more software programs and to find one that may suit you search Google for Free Alternatives to Photoshop.

Yes, we are continually adding and updating product mock up’s please visit the Product Mock Up’s section under resources.

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