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Print On Demand Footwear

One of the toughest challenge’s in print on demand is imaging shaped products. The owners of Sole Juice / Superfast POD have been at the forefront of this technology for around 20 years now developing many of the industry innovations that are common place today.

We continue to strive to build a production system that can bring POD shoes to the market but thought you would like to see just how close we are

The Process

Basically we use the same technology we developed for the Sublideck mobile phone printing system only enlarged it to be able to take a pair of shoes. We then use sublimation thermoforming film to firstly wrap and then embed the image into the specially designed footwear. It takes about 6 minutes to make a pair of shoes and as you can see the results are pretty staggering. We still have lots of work to do on this to make it scalable and there are challenges with imaging the sides of the shoes and stopping the distortion of the design but given time we will get there

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